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Tablature Area and Forums Currently Offline

We're currently in the process of migrating the TabIt website to a new server. It turns out that the Tablature Area and Forums will both require updates in order to be compatible, so for the time being both have been taken offline. (No data is being lost.)

FYI, this server move was not planned. It had to happen because the previous hosting provider shut down their data center on relatively short notice.

Update as of June 29:

Since most users are mainly interested in just downloading tabs that already existed in the Tablature Area, I've decided for now to focus on trying to bring the Tablature Area up in a "read-only" state — i.e., with no ability to log in, upload tabs, or rate tabs — rather than holding off until the entire site is 100% ready. Will post another update when progress is made on that.

Tech details for those curious: The Tablature Area was built on PHP 5, which has reached end-of-life and is no longer available on modern servers. Getting it to work on PHP 7+ requires a lot of changes across the code base, mainly because they dropped the "mysql" extension (which was a very unwelcome surprise!). There may be various other PHP 7 or MySQL 8.0 incompatibilities which I haven't uncovered yet; each page will require careful re-testing before being made accessible to the public.