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Lost Code

Lost your registration code? Enter into the following box the e-mail address you put on the order form when you registered (or if that doesn't work, the e-mail address you contacted us from most recently), then click Send My Code. You should then receive an e-mail containing your registration code within minutes.

E-mail address:

E-mail Address Changed?

If you no longer have access to the e-mail address you entered on the order form (for example, you have since changed ISPs), use the following form to request that the e-mail address for your account be updated in our records:

Full name TabIt was registered under: *

Your new e-mail address: *

The e-mail address TabIt was originally registered under, if known:

The postal mailing address used on the order form (needed to locate your customer record): *
Postal/Street Address: 
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If you have any additional information that you think will make it easier for us to find your order, please enter it below. For example, if you moved around the time you placed your order and suspect you may have used a different postal mailing address, please mention that address here.

NOTE: It is important that the information you enter above be as accurate as possible, otherwise we may not be able to locate your customer record. All submissions are reviewed by a human, so don't bother trying to enter bogus information.

If you have problems using the above form, or cannot for some reason, please contact us.